Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Saluti: The Egyptian Brand Filling the Void in Our Heart with Cheese

*insert one of the 7,212,386 cheese puns here* We're too busy devouring Parmigiano cheese to write anything tbh.

Staff Writer

We’re the kind of people that would give up anything, and we mean ANYTHING, for some good cheese. People like us are the ones who suffer the most in a world full of bad cheese, but suffer more we shall not. Saluti Cheese has come to save us from our miseries with an array of high quality cheeses from all over the world. 

No longer will we have to yearn for Parmigiano to add to our pastas or Emmental to have on our ciabatta sandwiches. The options you have with the range of products are endless, and they will surely please all kinds of different tastes.

Their cheese products range from Brithish Mild Cheddar, to Dutch Gouda, to Italian Parmigiano Reggiano to even Egyptian Roumy and much more. Saluti’s main goal is to deliver the highest quality cheeses from different countries to your doorstep with competitive prices and using the most advanced technologies for cutting and packing.

For more cheese, visit their Instagram.


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