Hurghada’s fish market is about get a glow-up. The area is due to get a parking lot, a food court, shops to clean and cook fish, as well as a logistic service. Why, you ask? The fish market already gets a surprisingly hefty amount of tourists since it's marked as a historically significant part of the Red Sea city, and the Tourist Guides Syndicate of Hurghada recognise an opportunity to capitalise on that. The local folk and their nautical wares give the city an authentic taste that’s lacking within the perimeters of the luxury resorts that would otherwise dominate a tourist's visit.

Fisherman work all over the Red Sea, but the fish market in Hurghada is more active than other ones across Sinai because it serves the surrounding resort cities as well as itself, and functions as the departure and arrival station of fisherman in the city. So really, the addition of these basic amenities (not to be confused with anemones, which fishermen try to avoid) is long overdue and we're glad to see this crucial segment of Hurghada society get the touch-up it needs.