Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Sliders but Make Them Egyptian with Fantozi

Kebda sliders? Yes, please.

Badreya Electroneya

As a collective we’re totally here for sliders due to how cutsie and teeny weeny they are, but it could also be our affinity for anything fun-size and the delusion of it being low in kcals. Though the slider narrative is usually very whitewashed and that’s obvi not very slay, fortunately the spot we’ve allocated is putting an end to that. Fantozi is the restaurant making yummy Egyptian sliders that will fill your belly with joy.

Netflix & chill just got a level up

The eatery has turned all the sandwiches that have led our hearts to their inevitable throb into the yummiest bite-size treats, leaving you craving them for days. Ranging from delicious hawawshi to sizzling liver sandwiches and juicy baladi sausages.


In addition to their incredibly scrumptious savoury menu, they, of course, had to hop on the dessert category, ultimately making cute little sakalans and Nutella sliders.

 The perfect ending is a sweet ending


Fantozi is located in New Cairo's Promenade Mall with delivery options encompassing the whole New Cairo region. To place your orders you can contact them on +2 0128 124 5880.


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