Snacking like our life depends on it is no longer a taboo. Soul Chips' donation initiative means our snacking could go towards making sure putting food on the tables of Egypt’s underprivileged communities less of a burden. 

In light of the increasingly difficult circumstances Egypt’s underprivileged communities will now experience as a result of increased layoffs during quarantine, food banks may now play a more critical role than ever before.

Doing their part to aid their needs, Soul Chips will be doubling their ongoing donation program with the Egyptian Food Bank and donating two kilos of potatoes for every 10 kilos of chips they sell, as opposed to just one. In the weird case you don’t like chips (and yes, we judge you) during the month of April, Soul Chips will also be donating an additional kilo of potatoes for every 10 followers they gain on their Instagram page, so you can still take part of the initiative another way. If you’re anything like us though, you’ll have no problem getting intimate with a bag of their Black Truffle chips and doing God’s work.