You know when you have a friend over, a khawaga friend that is, and you don't know what to feed them because they'll complain about molokhia looking like green slime or mombar being hot dog intestines? El Khawaga exists to solve that problem by making Egyptian food that is khawaga-friendly.

You're probz wondering what khawaga-friendly food is; it's basically Egyptian food that is easier to sell to them (them being khawagas). This is why their menu is compiled of things such as pasta, pizza and feteer. Again, all things khawagas can consume.

We totes recommend having the Khawaga Tagine (you don't have to be khawaga btw), however, because it's basically layers of crunchy goulash, cheese, rice and whatever meat you want. Shepherd's Pie who ba2a?

You can find El Khawaga in the heart of Heliopolis.