Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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The Chocolatey Bit of Ice Cream Cones Are Now Sold Separately

Summer body? Never heard of her.

Staff Writer

The quintessential summer treat, ice cream, has just had its best component levelled up. Everyone’s favourite bite of any ice cream cone, the chocolatey bit at the end, is now being sold separately in three different flavours: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry at local candy shop, Yummy Bites. 

We’ve personally never had a strawberry or vanilla cone before but we won’t let that stop us even a bit. Summer body? Never heard of her. Their Cono Bites are all we need to raise our serotonin levels this Sahel season, tbh. 

The shop also carries other fun snacks like cookie cups, dummies, and flavoured pumpkin seeds. To order, hit them up at 01205236362 on WhatsApp or message them on Facebook. We know we already have.



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