Ever since seeing Hercules as a child, you’ve probably lowkey obsessed over Greek mythology at one point in your life or another. Same though. They have gods that control health and the sea and goddesses that control love and beauty, so technically, they used to control the world. Who wouldn’t want to use them as an influence when making a business? Gaia put their trust in the Greek Gods and launched a healthy health shop that uses absolutely no preservatives or any artificial flavouring and offers fresh and tasty nutritional options.

Their main brand, Gaia, who is the Greek Goddess of earth and nature, focuses on selling fresh juice ranging from guava to watermelon. The sub-brand, Poseidon, God of the Sea, offers detox waters having a bunch of different mixes to choose from depending on your mood. Zeus and Hercules will be making their way into the brand super soon with cool things like electrolyte water and pre/post-workout drinks. 

You don’t want to disappoint the Greek gods and goddesses. Hop onto their page to see where you can get their healthy drinks from!