We here at SceneEats, like the rest of the world, love coffee; this is exactly we were delighted when we stumbled upon Khoga. Think premium Turkish coffee, but made with so much love you can actually feel it.

Founded by entrepreneur and coffee connoisseur Ahmed Khoga, the brand just hit the market a month ago with three different kinds that are all roasted in coffee heaven; light roast, medium roast and strong roast. Coffee is a daily used product and Khoga is up to the responsibility.

Their strong roasted coffee comes in pink (packaging) and tastes deep, flavorful and intense. The golden medium roast. however, is the fairest of them all. Mostly because it's in yellow (which is one of our fave colours) and comes with a unique balance of strong and light.

Last but not least, their light roast that comes in blue would make the most perfect pairing with milk for cappuccinos and lattes. 

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