Whether it’s for your chocolate milk, shai bel laban or your next attempt to make dalgona coffee, milk is a necessity. Even just a cold glass of milk with a side of chocolate chips is honestly heaven. But have you ever wondered how fresh milk tastes? Well, the Milkman is here to spoil you with some real milk. 

The Milkman is literally the only milkman in town bringing you together with some of the freshest milk here in Om el Donia. Yes, fresh milk is coming back to the market and it’s as cute as it can be. The Milkman family business doesn’t only deliver the freshest milk, but also the nostalgic feel, that our parents have been telling us about for years. It’s not only the flavour that will take you back to the days where milkmen were an everyday thing, the super cute bottle will also make you feel that. To put it simply, issa vibe. 

And to meet all our milky needs they’re aiming to deliver the best possible product. Let us tell you how beause this will put your milk needs on a whole new level. Unlinke most milk that you find on the market, this milk is not processed. It’s artisan, crafted milk that is pasteurised for your saftey. So it’s practically milk, straight from the cow. There is literally nothing fresher than that. With their love for animals and their goal to produce the freshest milk out there, the Milkman farm puts lots of effort and love towards their cows. Oh, and it’s not just the milk that is 100% natural. Their glass bottle is eco-friendly and recyclable. And just as a side note, the bottles are Instagramable AF.

That’s not all. To make sure you don’t confuse their skinny milk with their wholesome milk, they’ve created for each bottle a different lid. And don’t forget to shake your milk before opening, because this is the only way to down that bottle of milk in one huge sip.

By the way, they’ve got more in store for you. Very soon they will milk us away with their clotted cream and double cream. This screams for some dessert ASAP obvi. Even though they don’t deliver right to your doorstep, the Milkman fam has made sure for us to find all their products in our local supermarkets such as Seoudi, Metro or Flamingo. And if you do your groceries online, like most of us are doing because of Miss Roro, then go ahead and check out goodsmart.com.

For once we can literally experience something that our parents have been talking about forever. The good old milky days.