Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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This Dubai Joint Makes Black Food and Black Food Only

Black dumplings? Yes, please.

Staff Writer

So, black food has totes become a thing. A few Egyptian spots started adding some black items to the menu. But, none of us expected what was to come next. This new Dubai joint is hellbent on cooking, baking and delivering black bites and black bites only; which also happens to be their name. Oh, and allow me to be the first to say, black just makes food look so freakin' sexy.    

Delivering all kinds of gourmet dishes, from Emirati to international dishes, Black Bites manages to create tem with a hypnotizing black touch. Like, it would be so cool to have macaroons or a doughnut with a colour that matches your mood. Also, is it just me or does black food look elegant AF?   

My personal favorite dish that they make is the black dim sum. Like, how did you manage to make me love dumplings even more? I want to have black dim sum all day, erryday. I want to slurp on them with some noodle soup and forget all of life's hardships. 

Black Bites currently doesn't have a physical location but it delivers to everywhere in Dubai. You can make your orders via Instagram.


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