We were recently scrolling through Instagram looking for mouthwatering food when we came across Hagar Kawana, an Egyptian artist with obvious passion for colours and undying love for food. It made us think for the first time that maybe food doesn't need to be edible for it to look and be delicious. This undoubtedly creative woman uses yarn, colours, food and the power of love to drive her talent in an artistically appetising direction.

"I’ve always been immensely crazy about food, life and colours. I started to take it seriously when I really wanted to do what I love in a way I also love," said Kawana, the bright and colour-oriented artist who happens to be totes crazy about food.

She then decided to take the challenges of mixing both her passion and her talent to create something that is unique to her. It started off with her graduation project, which happened to go very well because there was no stopping her after that.

"I treated the food as an art piece and with colours helped for everything to start looking more clear," she clarified. She used spray paint, cool props, and most importantly, her hungry vision to show that there is no limit to how beautiful food concepts could be.

Kawana wants to keep taking her immense love for food to new crazy heights. Her different perspective on food has definitely put her work on our list of food fetishes. Sorry, not sorry.

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