With the summertime heat rolling over Gouna, beach dwellers have taken to the cool breeze of the red sea in their motor-boats and yachts. We’ve all been there, sipping on cocktails and soaking in the sun, until it's hungry o’clock and the nearest bite is but a speck on the horizon. If only you could pick up the phone and have a fresh hot feast delivered out to sea. That’s exactly what maritime enthusiast Kim El Narsh thought, and she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Kimmy’z is a boat catering company born out of Kim’s love for the sea and all too familiar struggle with the hassle of beach day meal prep. “We were always delayed cause we were grabbing bits and pieces of food, drinks, ice, from different places,” she told Scene Eats. Kimmy’s has a special menu of boat ready finger-foods and cater to both small get-togethers and all out parties. With delectable options such as watermelon feta, smoked salmon with balsamic cream cheese, and honey goat cheese stuffed dates. After having redefined ‘mezzeh’ on the beaches of Gouna, Kimmy’z have now set their eyes to the sea. ‘Kimmy’z on the Water” will soon be delivering freshly made bites straight to your deck with their fully equipped ‘kitchen boat’