In the ravenous shadow of our quarantine munchies, two years ago, a little supermarket with super-stacked floor-to-ceiling shelves stole our hearts - and only Mohamed can tell its story.

Almo Mart is, from the outside, a supermarket like any other on the streets of Nasr City. What you discover a few moments later, however, is that the spot is far from conventional, specialising exclusively in curated imports from China and east Asia. Having had enough watching us struggle with nonsensical homemade recipes, Mohamed, the founder of the mart, established an authentic Asian food haven to cleanse our palates.

The spot flaunts ready-made snacks, like munchable Onigiri, Bao, Dim Sum and, their newest addition, a Boba bar. You can also get your hands on hard-to-find components from lusted-after Miso and Tofu to Tapioca pearls that will kickstart your career as an at-home chef.