Interweaving the charm of a traditional awha balady with the comfort and warm atmosphere of a quaint café, El Qahwa Khan is a stunning hidden gem nestled in the lush lands of Maadi. This is one of those free-spirited, feel-good spots that you go to when you’re seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It’s a hub for artists, creatives and people who appreciate a well-crafted coffee. 

Good vibes reign supreme here with intricately decorated walls full of art and equally detailed chairs in a kaleidoscope of colors. With its tranquil ambiance and sun-lit interior, this is the perfect spot for an intimate conversation over a cup of coffee or a study date with yourself. Also, they have the most serene little outdoor area full of pretty greenery and dotted with towering columns. 

Aside from their delicious hand-crafted drinks, El Qahwa Khan has a fine repertoire of artisanal baked goods, bright and fresh salads, and lots of light meals like sandwiches and wraps. Come in for a delightful breakfast illuminated by sun beams. Choose from their Healthy, Oriental or Meat Lovers platters. Their sandwiches and wraps keep it sweet and simple, with offerings like Chicken Pesto, Egg & Cheese, Smoked Turkey & Cheese—you know the café food drill.