Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Three Diner is New Cairo's American-Style Burger Hotspot

This Diner-slash-Truck in The Drive is your gateway to Americana - and it’s absolutely delicious.

Layla Raik

Have you ever sat back and wondered about what would come of the three bears after the Goldilocks robbery? Or the three little pigs after their house (of straw? really?) got blown down? The answer is that they sat down, cried a little, and then picked themselves up again for a well-deserved trip to New Cairo’s 3-Diner, much as we do after an especially exhausting midterm or when talking stage number 142 goes south.

Supplying us with the long sought-after hunger-demolishing soul-fortifying 1970s Americana vibes that would send American dream queen Lana Del Rey herself to her knees, 3-Diner is the spot to Ride to (potentially in your White Mustang) in New Cairo’s The Drive by The Waterway. 

Headed by eccentric chef Shereen El-Etreby, the Instagrammable truck slows down the fast food train to give you a meal worth your while. 3-Diner is all about the stuff; you pick your stuffing, and then consider it in a variety of contexts, between two buns (with a side of fries), loaded on fries (or mashed potatoes if you’re a healthy food gym gal), or topping some scrumptious mac & cheese. 

So, regardless of whether you go for the diner’s fan-favourite killer short ribs (only available Saturday, Monday and Wednesday), or the green-cheese-sauce-topped beef fillet - you’re in for an extraordinary culinary experience at 3-Diner, any time from 12 PM to 12 AM any day.


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