Brought to you by award-winning Chef Tarek Ibrahim - yes THE Culinary artist and certified Master Chef that is Chef Tarek - Umami's La Vista Bay East menu is a feast for the senses.

The newly established shore-bound eatery unveils an enticing tapestry of flavours, meticulously woven together to create a symphony reminiscent of beachside convalesce periods. Craving a Parisienne rendezvous, adorned with buttery croissants that whisper tales of indulgence? Umami answers the call. Seeking respite from the mundane? Umami's Milanese Chicken Cacciatore beckons, a saviour for weary souls.

And to the inhabitants of Cairo yearning for solace amidst Sahel's tranquil shores, fear not, for Umami extends an invitation to savour the timeless charm of a classic Egyptian breakfast. Succumb to the allure of feteer, ta'meya, and the comforting embrace of fool eskandarany, and let nostalgia dance upon your taste buds.