There’s this unspoken rule that Lebanese pastries and mana2eesh have a not-so-secret soft in all our hearts. Saj is the business capitalising off that very necessary obsession we all have with Lebanese baked goods and we’re eating it right up, literally. 

Saj’s whole thing is making ready-to-eat, just-pop-it-in-the-microwave meals that are perfectly homemade and bring all the Levantine yumminess to your kitchen. Their short but sweet menu really solidifies everything reminiscent of ‘quality over quantity’-- straight to the point, no BS, just Lebanese goodies. 

You can’t think Lebanese cuisine without saj wraps (especially with that being literally the namesake of the whole project), so you really know they’re bringing their A-game with their saj. Do four different types of homemade cheese wrap, labneh and zaatar, kofta, and sogo2 saj prove that to you? Yeah, told you. There are also mana2eesh zaatar, tuna, spinach, cheese, and lahm b ajin safayeh options, as well as gorgeous little msakhen beef, chicken, or veggie rolls. Saj also makes the Lebanese staple hummus or chicken fatteh that we can’t believe we’d be able to dig into from the comfort of our own home. 

Of course you can’t really think Lebanon without the classic to-die-for sides notorious to the cuisine-- a mark which Saj does anything but miss. That being said, you can also order baba ghanoug, tehina, tomeya, vine leaves with olive oil, chicken liver with pomegranate molasses, cheese or meat sambousaks, and even little croquette potatoes. 

You can get your hands on their perfect little creations through their Instagram page. Thank us later, hunty!