Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Egypt Ranked as World's Second Largest Exporter of Citrus Fruits

When life gives you lemons... it's probably going to be Egypt selling it to you.

Staff Writer

The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that, since the beginning of 2018, Egypt has exported over 1.2 million tons of citrus fruits, making it the second largest exporter in the world, as reported by Egypt Today.

As part of the announcement, head of the ministry's Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine, Ahmed Al-Attar, has pointed to strict new measures being applied to all exports of agricultural products, in an attempt to expand reach to to all international markets.

Attar also stated that citrus fruits and potatoes are the most exported types in Egypt in 2018, with around 800,000 tons of potatoes being exported since the beginning of 2018.

Egypt is expected to overtake Spain’s position as the world’s largest exporter of oranges with a projected amount of 1.6 million tons, and while we’re not quite there yet but we’re not far from it either.

Photo: China News


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