Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Where To Get Acai Bowls in Cairo - A Healthy SceneEats Guide

The superfood scene in Egypt made simple.

Layla Raik

At the top of the mountain of healthy eating, the acai bowl reigns. The berry’s antioxidant properties, which are said to lower blood sugar levels, reduce swelling and stimulate immunity, combined with its pure street cred in health guru communities make it a staple for yoga girls and gym bros. The vague silhouette of towering bowls of a purple hue has, as a consequence, come to represent a second chance for many of us. 

Now, we know how unattainable acai berries can be in Egypt; it’s no wonder that a berry characteristic of South America is difficult to find in Cairo. However, because Cairene health gurus deserve as good of a chance at wellness as anybody, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to acai bowls in Egypt. 

Copa Açaí

The Drive, New Cairo

Copa Açaí’s acai bowls are notorious for their customisability. Whether you’re a fan of chia seeds or yogurt, bananas or kiwi, your wildest dreams can be brought to life in an acai bowl at Copa. 

Parà Bowls

Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Spanning a range of delicious bases, Para Bowls lets you have the superfood concoction of your dreams. Between the exotic earthy acai, the creamy coconut, the lightly sweet dragon fruit, and the super-superfood green bowls, Para allows you to take your experimentation skills way past the TikTok DIY witchcraft era.


Community Services Association, Maadi

AÇAIRO’s bowls are based on the pure unsweetened pulp of acai berries. They’re then infused with seas of superfoods like kale, cacao powder, the store’s own handcrafted almond butter, bee pollen and whatever whimsical fresh fruit selection you can dream up on the spot.

Be Açaí

Almaza, Heliopolis

Unlimited toppings are the game at Heliopolis’s Be Acai. As Tropical as you can get – even more tropical than their Tropical bowl – and just as explorative in the chocolate side of the spectrum. Chocolate acai bowls are, reportedly, a speciality at this spot. 


Branches all over Egypt

Our go-to for everything clean eating, Gourmet offers both easy-to-make acai powder for your at-home fix as well as delectable acai bowls you can enjoy in-house. 

Purple B

Downtown, El Gouna and Masaya, Sidi Abdelrahman

Constantly beach-bound, Purple B’s acai is one that often ends up being our daily breakfast go-to when in Gouna. In other words, it’s the type of bowl that screams “mindfulness retreat” in every spoonful. 


5A by the Waterway

The breakfast connoisseurs at Foufa’s could not of course miss the acai train. Even more so, the two sisters’ acai bowl selection is sumptuous and perfect for the often left-out health-abiding friend at breakfast outings. 

Osana Family Wellness

St. 79, Maadi

A hub for everything wellness, Osana Family Wellness Centre’s café has long fostered our holistic healing journey mind, body, and soul. Its acai bowls are heaping mountains of gut-balancing goodness.


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