Thanks to its creamy, smooth texture, Greek yogurt has long been a post-workout and breakfast staple. Depending on the brand, it can provide double (or more!) the protein of conventional yogurts; we here at SceneEats have scoured the country for our favorite places to get your Greek yogurt game on at (or delivered to you).


Price: EGP 35

Flavours: Plain, Pumpkin Spice, dried dates, and more


Price: EGP 26 - EGP 28

Flavours: Plain, strawberry, and blueberry


Price: EGP 30 - EGP 60

Flavours: Plain, mixed berries, coconut puree, and more

Sara’s Jar

Price: EGP 47 - EGP 51

Flavors: Plain, honey vanilla, and mocha



Price: EGP 30 

Flavours: Plain, honey, vanilla


Price: EGP 30 - EGP 110

Flavours: Plain, honey, cinnamon