Alexander the Greek was a known as The Great. The city that he built, however, was not only great, it was beautiful. Much like Alexander, the following restaurants in Alexandria are Greek, great and beautiful. 

Souvlaki // Semouha

The goddess Athena had sacred bird; a chicken. No one makes chicken gyros like Souvlaki.

Phone: 03 4272724

Address: Ezbet Saad, Sidi Gaber, Semouha

OPA // Al Shatby


Not only does travel blogger/professional I-always-have-a-good-hair-day person Pola Salem look absolutely glam, the restaurant he owns also looks glam. Always go for the Filet Mealions, it's Salem's favourite.

Phone: +2 0106 223 3669    

Address: Al Shatby, Qism Bab Sharqi

Yanni Psari // Semolin

Their seafood mozzarella potato creation will have you screaming "YAAAS CHEESE!" 

Phone: +2 0114 444 8907

Address: Semolin, Behind Green Plaza

White and Blue // Bahary

Poseidon, AKA the God of the Sea, is probz super jealous of what the White and Blue did with their shrimp souvlaki.

Phone: +2 0127 588 8836

Address: Bahary, Qaytbai

Santorini // Sidi Bishr

You will all be definitely singing "Under the Sea" in Greek with Santorini"s  fresh octopuses. 

Phone: 03 5490935

Address: Sidi Bishr, Gaish Road

Zephyrion // Abo Kir

Olympus may have fallen a long time ago, but their recipe for the seafood tajin still stands at Zephyrion today. We, however, are not doing any standing because we're too busy sitting down eating that tajin.

Phone: 03 5621319

Address: Abo Kir, Montaza