Fried chicken is not just any other meal you have; it's not just food which you eat to stay alive. You are alive to eat fried chicken (or at least that's what we've believed since forever). Fried chicken is something more spiritual than just food, it feeds the soul more than it feeds the body. We take our fried chicken very seriously and we are firm believers that fried chicken is the one of the last rays of light in this dark world we live in. It is the representation of tender love in a world too dry that you seriously need a sip of soda just to swallow properly. It is fried chicken.

Now that we're on the same page, these are some of the places where you can get youR hands greasy with some of the finest frying oil and batter crumbs.

Kansas Fried Chicken

One of the pioneers of the recent fried chicken wave in Cairo. We must express how much we respect the local chain and how much we love their chicken.

Location: Maadi, Rehab, Heliopolis, Sheraton

Heart Attack

When we're asked, "which came first, the egg or the chicken?" We answer, "cheese." It's always the cheese. With fried chicken.

Location: Maadi, New Cairo, Sheraton


We must confess that we once broke into tears in the middle of Frango in Maadi because of how good the chicken was. If you've never had chicken cooked in the Portuguese way, pop by and break into tears like us.

Location: New Cairo, Maadi


Sometimes we wonder what it would be like to bathe in cheese, so we eat chicken that has been bathed in cheese. In the end, you are what you eat. 

Location: Dokki


We think "Bazooka" is very self-explanatory. We guess the fried chicken there will blow you away!

Location: Maadi, Heliopolis


After eating this Korean fried chicken you'll need subtitles around the world around you.

Location: Maadi

Chicken & Ribs

Wouldn't you want to have some perfectly greasy, fried chicken with a side of some beef ribs and brisket? 

Location: Zamalek, 6th of October, New Cairo, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed