When was the last time you decided to be random and get on a night train and head to Alexandria? We're going to assume (yes, we know assuming things in 2019 is bad but we're going to do it in a very non-toxic way anyway) that you haven't in a long time and you fancy a good ole waklet samak. Oh, and if you don't like seafood, there's plenty of quality food to find in the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

However, quality food isn't the only thing people (AKA us) look for when choosing a restaurant anymore. With the rise of social media, Instagram to be specific, it’s now imperative that any dining experience be both delicious and visually-pleasing. This fine balance is something that the eateries below have in Alexandria. 


If Lana Del Rey's "High by the Beach" doesn't instantly play in your head after seeing the view at Na3na3, then there's no hope for you. 

Location: Casino Al Shatabi 


Fun fact: Travel blogger/hair connoisseur Pola Salem actually owns this place, which explains why this Greek restaurant is Instagrammable AF.

Location: Casino Al Shatabi 


If you're tired of the Instagrammable sea and you want to opt for some greenery instead, this place is perfect for breakfasts/brunches with your BFFs.

Location: 46, Saad Zaghloul Street 

Santorini Cafe

You can live all of your breakfast and Instagram fantasies at Santorini because they literally have everything; from falafel to feteer meshaltet, 3asal and tahina and so much more. 

Location: El Gaish Road, El Araritah


A little taste of Lebanon in Alexandria where you can enjoy all the sojo2 and batata 7arra in the world whilst feasting your eyes on the Mediterranean. 

Location: By the Citadel 


Okay so, we're going to be a little frank here. In terms of food, there's nothing revolutionary about this place, however, their selling point is that it's out there in the open that you can (sometimes) feel like you're touching the sky. 

Location: Kayet Bay Street, Bahary 

Greek Club

The Greek Club's White and Blue restaurants needs no introduction because, well, it doesn't. If you are someone, however, who does not know anything about, all we have to say is that you need to pop that cherry of yours and go. We would also recommend ordering a big waklet samak with a bottle of wine (or two). 

Location: By the Citadel