Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Alexandria’s ‘Sushirito’ Makes Sushi Hotdogs. Yes, You Read That Right

Meet the Alexandrian sushi experts re-imagining the cult classic dish.

Badreya Electroneya

The dining scene in Egypt has been rapidly evolving post COVID-19, which is fully understandable, being in lockdown did indeed put some things into perspective.  Everyone dialed their creative fairies up to eleven on the volume dial, leading the collective to a much needed wake up call.

Regardless of the actual ramification, we’re thankful for the evolution because things that once existed as pictures on our screens, have been sporadically manifesting into existence. For the longest time ever both boba and mochi’s mere existence was just pretty reblog-able pictures on our dashboards, and now they’re widely accessible in almost every corner of Egypt.

That also applies to sushi burritos - once synonymous with Lohanthony’s Snapchat stories circa 2014 - left all of us angel-core baddies craving a sliver (mainly because of its iridescent-translucent look). While the only way upon indulgence was a zillion tabs of ‘how-tos’ and failed attempts, now life’s become a lot more streamlined. Where restaurants are all defying conceptual boundaries of what was once deemed incomprehensible for our country.

This takes us to our subject of the matter, ‘Sushirito’, the Alexandria-based sushi restaurant that is amping up the contemporary asian cuisine scene. Serving a plethora of ‘concept’ sushi dishes with burger, pizza and hotdog variations, ‘Sushirito’ also accommodates classic sashimi and tuna enthusiasts. Surpassing all expectations with a one-of-a-kind sushi burrito, no abstract variation of the cult classic has been left untapped.


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