When the summer heat proves too much to bear and the plethora of beachside mocktails and sodas are only contributing to an insuppressible amount of sugar highs then that’s when you call upon a smoothie (or seven) to manage the crisis at hand. Bearing in mind your taste buds and your body’s natural reflux to anything remotely funky looking, we scoured the streets - or socials to be precise - to find a collection of the freshest (pun intended) selection of smoothie spots for your consuming pleasure.


📍Cairo: Zamalek, Maadi, 6th of October & 5th Settlement.

📍North Coast: Telal, Diplo, Hacienda White. Hacienda Bay & Mountain View.

Local health hub SELF serves a wide array of juices, immune shots, greek yoghurt pots, and you guessed it, smoothies. Self is your go-to when your days are homogenising, and your workouts are particularly tasking. With nutrient packed smoothies since their smoothies (yes, bananas and avocados do in fact factor in) no fruit flavoured drink is left unaccounted for.


📍Cairo & El Gouna

Lychee makes the smoothies you reach for once and only manage to put down when your straw has hit a dead end and all your left with are mismatched, half gone, ice cubes. With a varied selection on hand, from berry based to full-on green smoothies, they're perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or a post workout mood booster.


📍Cairo & the North Coast

Fully dedicated to creating unique recipes, Glow tends to the guys and girls who not only religiously meal prep, but weigh out their meat and stainless steel bed prior to its inevitable demise. Whether you’re a classic strawberry lemonade babe or Mango Breeze and Shawerma person, Glow has you covered. Pro tip: the health connaisseurs sell everything in recyclable glass bottles, absolving you of any guilt you might be feeling towards your smoothie orders.


📍Cairo: ChillOut North 90 St.

When it comes to fruitopia, your smoothie is - quite literally - fresh off the vine. The quaint juicery prides itself on sourcing high quality produce, and ultimately creating an unforgettable flavourful experience for both your mouth and gut. Side note, don’t let their milkshakes distract you, eyes on the prize please, keep them sharply focused on the smoothies.


📍Cairo: Sheikh Zayed

Coex is classic-averse. It’s not ascribing to the kale and the spirulina of smoothies, it wants more, period. The fruit and juice bar doesn’t just make smoothies, they make smoothies you can’t get anywhere else. Think Passion fruit, yellow watermelon and coconuts blends urging you to salivate in anticipation as you wait.


📍Cairo: Maadi

Known for their wide array of wellness shots, Lyfe eatery and juice bar is your source for all the guilt-free treats your heart, and gut craves. Their extensive line of smoothies, especially their greek yoghourt mixes (akin to those Zabado bottles that defined our upbringing) enable you to find solace and soothe any food-coma induced heartburn.


📍Cairo: Zamalek, El Korba & Arkan Plaza

Brimming with nutrient-filled salads, Freshii is a comprehensive food-hub, specialising in freshly squeezed and blended smoothies. That being said, every concoction is carefully curated for maximum serotonin and a delightful tasting experience.