Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Alexandrian Hawawshy Has Made It to Cairo: Meet Wawshy

The century-old feud is finally over. The two armies of hawawshy can rejoice.

Layla Raik

The politics of beloved street food hawawshy are treacherous, confusing and full of minced meat landmines. Alexandrians and Cairenes have been at war for decades, nay, centuries over whose bread is fluffier, whose filling is juicier and, overall, whose hawawshy is downright better, settling at long last at the conclusion that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although, that might just be a ruse to cover up for the fact that we are simply too indecisive to choose. 

Why should you have to, anyway? If Jason Derulo can have a girlfriend in every city, what stands in the way between us and our hawawshy love affairs? According to all-new hawawshy kiosk Wawshy, the struggle is finally over: you can now enjoy true-to-form Alexandrian hawawshy from the comfortable confines of New Cairo. 

Using exclusively baladi meat, with the zesty seasoning Alexandrian hawawshy is known for, Wawshy’s hawawshy makes for a delicious, filling and reliable treat that is only that much different from Cairene hawawshy. The spot’s pies fill a circular wound in our heart that we didn’t know existed. 

But wait, there are other wounds! Many small ones, scattered all over - for which Wawshy also has a solution: hawawshy balls. These small bites consist of the very same minced meat interior you meet in regular hawawshy, covered in a layer of delicious buttered bread, making the convenient meat pie all the more convenient for desperate times when you don’t want your hawawshy to ruin your lipstick. 

For dessert, Wawshy’s hawawshy simply becomes sweet. You could either get a hawawshy filled with chocolate, or the more subtly downed chocolate-packed hawawshy balls.

You can visit Wawshy at the Mobil Gas Station in Narges, New Cairo.


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