To tap into the lives of Hollywood stars is to adapt morning rituals to encompass much more than lukewarm coffees and stale leftovers. It’s a process that actively calls for copious amounts of ginger-infused lemon juice, and for one to tear themselves from beneath the warm embrace of their winter bedding. That said, alternative gateways to the lustrous world of celebrities and major players do exist; it lies in private club invites, exclusive red carpet afterparties and occasional dives into the world of star-studded speakeasies.

Catering to those whose hearts are closely tethered to crystal-embossed Pradas and limited edition Manolo Blahniks, upscale Mediterranean restaurant buoy is hosting its very own monthly dinner club. The exclusive gathering invites 12 pioneers - who don’t know each other - to network and instigate private dialogues within buoy’s new speakeasy. Brought to life by buoy’s culinary experts Adam Kodovas and Elie Baddour, the first edition of the dinner club is more than just a dining experience; it's an experiential intermingling of art and flavour. With captivating actress Hend Sabry as their host, guests are invited to delve into an evening of timeless luxury and memorable moments.

Every detail of buoy’s speakeasy has been meticulously crafted to transport you to a world of glamour and opulence. The table setup, designed by Nehal Lehata and Karim El Hayawan, elevates the experience, allowing guests to properly indulge in the upscale restaurant's plethora of offerings. From the intricately designed fixtures to the rich textures and ambient lighting, buoy’s dinner club is a feast for the senses. Savour the art of mixology with their signature cocktail menu and cement those silver screen-adjacent dreams via a curated collection of drinks that draw inspiration from the flavours and ingredients of the Mediterranean.