Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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BumblePie is Bringing Hearty Street-Style Feteer to Maadi

Maadi’s Bumble Pie is here to satiate all your late night cheese cravings.

Badreya Electroneya

Cheese cravings have a tendency to kick in when you’ve been sitting on bed all day (in burrito mode)  bingeing reruns of ‘The Real Housewives’. We all know that nothing can quench those cravings more than an ooey-gooey cheesy feteera, even if the temporary bliss is at the expense of our faint lactose intolerant hearts. Yes dolls, as long as you’re getting our much needed dose of serotonin, your physical health can be tucked away - feteera style - on the backburner.

Thankfully, our smartphones have fully cultivated telepathic communication skills, and with that precise fantasy erupting out of our psyche, our social media feeds have been saturated with local feteer spot, Bumble Pie. Upon first glance, our eyes instantaneously filled with joy, leading our compulsive mass consumerist hearts to try it out.

Their menu covers a diverse selection of carb-dense baked goods: ranging from their scrumptious mixed cheese feteer all the way to their sugar-rush-inducing lotus pies. On top of that, Bumble Pie also tentatively ventures into the domain of savoury crepes. However, taking the crown is their feteer meshaltet. Doused in yummy Egyptian ghee - making it all the more delectable - and an abundance of honey, the classic dish perfectly accompanies late-night trash TV streaming sessions. 

So, if you’re looking for an exquisite feteer munching sesh, you know exactly what to do besties, head to their 50th Street Maadi location or phone them up on 0155 466 6444


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