Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Cairo's Best 8 Brands for Matcha Tea

Let's get matcha wasted, you guys.

Kurt Galalah

Whether you sip the tea straight and whisked with hot water, or add the powder to your breakfast smoothie, incorporating matcha tea into your at-home daily routine might just become your new favorite healthy habit. In this listicle, we’ve scoured the capital for brands that’ll make your life matcha better.

Royal Garden // Delivery Only

You’ll be feelin’ like a royal!

Phone: +2 0100 021 6366

Zumra // Delivery Only

This Asian-specialty shop will give you the OG matcha experience.

Orders are placed through the website.

El Market // Maadi

Because what do they not have tbh? 

Phone: +2 0120 377 3115

RDNA // Maadi

They might just be in Maadi but they deliver anywhere in Cairo.

Phone: +2 0128 560 0011

Gourmet // Branches All Over Cairo

Well, their matcha is definitely gourmet AF.

Phone: 19339

Ubuy // Delivery Only

U buy and drink that green goodness because what else is there to do?

Orders are placed through the website

Ole // Delivery Only

They don’t just have matcha powder...they’ve got every single thing in powder form and we’re here for it.

Orders are placed through the website

King's Garden // Delivery Only

This brand literally only makes matcha and only that.

Orders are placed through their Instagram or Facebook


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