It’s day 814971993826 of self isolation and summertime is slowly kicking in. None of us are quite sure how this year's beach season (sun-kissed and stuff) will turn out to be. But, whether summer happens or not, you better believe that ice-cream definitely is. Here are the best spots to order from.

Stavolta Gelato / Maadi, New Cairo, Zamalek, Sheikh Zayied

For over nine years Stavolta Gelato has been pampering us with exciting and exploding flavours, and they’ve never failed to impress us. Every season there is a new flavour and a new surprise. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity, chocolaty or something more fancy like tiramisu, this is your place to order from.

39 Road 231, Degla, Maad

Westown Hub, Sheikh Zayed

Iconia, Zamalek

Point 90 Mall, New Cairo

Phone: 0225210065 

Cold Stone / Branches All Over Egypt

Cold Stone has been dazzling us away with their in house ice-cream stunts. Combining different flavours, sprinkles and cookies into our ice-cream = goals. But since we’re all staying home, Cold Stone has created the perfect ice-cream on a stick, in a cone or simply a pint. And best of all, you can find everything you want in your kiosk or local supermarket. You ou can also order directly through them.

Branches All Over Egypt

Phone: 01221132246, 01211341994, 01221132231 or 01282664971

Dara’s Ice Cream / Zamalek, El Sheikh Zayied, Maadi, New Cairo

Dara’s Ice Cream has turned the world of ice-cream upside down. From downing your ice-cream under their Nutella tap to pairing whatever flavour (or all tbh) with a fudgy chocolate chip cookie. Now even though they don’t deliver, you can go pick up whatever your heart desires from any of their branches. Make sure to get yourself doubles because you’ll need one for the ride home.

Address: 26 July Street Zamalek, Opposite to DIwan Bookstore

16 Street 218 Maadi, Cairo

Waterway, New Cairo

O1 Mall, New Cairo

Galleria 40 Mall, Elsheikh Zayied

Phone: 0103370 8942, 0103091907701025532491

Mega Ice Cream 

It’s safe to say that Mega is our go to when getting ice-cream from any kiosk or supermarket. The brand, however, has stepped up their game by not only releasing their newest flavours but also by making ordering directly through them so much easier. All you need to do is just text them your creamy needs. 

Deliver to: All over Cairo

Phone: 01226280405

Sultana Ice Cream Branches in Cairo And Alexandria

Getting your hands on Sultana's ice-cream bucket is amaze. But, did you know you can order yourself (and only for yourself) an entire ice-cream cake -- like their marvelous Six in One cake. 

Address: Branches in Cairo And Alexandria

Phone: 0224199738

Gelato Mio / Zamalek, Maadi, Heliopolis

Gelato Mio doesn’t only deliver your traditional typical ice-cream, but also some delish AF ice-cream macarons that are totes Instagramable btw. 

Address:  6 Brazil St, Zamalek

231, Degla, Maadi, Cairo

83 Horreya st, Almaza, Cairo

Phone: 0227371527, 0225194405, 01152997328

Mandarine Koueidar / New Cairo / Zamalek / Maadi / Heliopolis / Nasr City

While we all know Mandarine Khoueidar for their famous and delicious halaweyat sharkeya, you must make sure to try their ice-cream this season (if you haven’t yet). Their zabady bel tout ice cream is simply heaven and super refreshing.

Address: All Over Cairo

Phone: 02 23598000, 0227355010, 0122544 4447

Snö Gelato / Maadi

Snö Gelato is new to the game, but has definitely shown us that they're up for the task. Since Snö is only located in Maadi, they deliver in only Maadi (sorry, non-Maadi peeps). Make sure to give their Reese’s flavour a try.

Address: Street 216, Maadi, Cairo

Phone: 0225196988

Rigoletto Zamalek

Rigoletto is basically ice-cream royalty. Think of it as the OG of the OG in Om el Donia. From butterscotch to misitika and so many more flavours that have revolutionised the way we see the dessert over the years. Their cheesecake ice cream is the best. 

Delivers: 3 Taha Hussein, Zamalek

Phone:02251746760223809818, 0227358684