Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Cairo’s Hotdog Club Serves Renditions of Cult Classic Finger Foods

Dine in with a side of fried olives, corn dogs and sloppy fries at this Cairo-based fast food joint.

Farida El Shafie

After watching us spend years in the cycle of yearning for what we can’t have - including the emotionally unavailable skater-boys - the Hotdog Club has decided to finally give us what we want (because emotionally stunted skater boys are actually bad for you).

Specialising in everything hot dog, the Hotdog Club dives into the depths of Frankfurter territories to bring to light endless variations of the classic childhood treat. Serving up a mean sloppy joe, the spot also entertains more courageous ventures, like the shroom variation and, brace yourselves, the Oh Mommy dog. You can, of course, also create your own dog, with adjustable hotness and toppings to taste.

Paying special attention to the dog’s cousin, the corn dog, the Hotdog Club redefines the classic post-practice sports club snack, with Korean panko-crusted and spicy bacon corn dogs. Further advancing their finger-food merits, the Hotdog Club’s appetiser section is nothing short of salivating, with hotdog-reminiscent sloppy fries, creamy bechamel corn balls, stuffed jalapenos and fried olives.

You can find the Hotdog Club in Sheikh Zayed’s Twelve Complex. They also deliver in Maadi, New Cairo and Nasr City.


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