Fasahet Somaya: Meet the Woman Behind Downtown Cairo's Iconic Eatery

Located on Hoda Shaawary street, Fasahet Somaya is considered the first restaurant to offer home-style food in the heart of Cairo.

Hidden away in the labyrinth that is Downtown Cairo is a beautiful gem called Fasahet Somaya. Much like its name suggests, the restaurant is run by none other than Somaya Al-Asyoty, a strong, independent, Egyptian woman who has mastered the arts of homemade food. Upon entering the eatery, you will always be welcomed with open arms as if you're entering the home of an aunt that you haven't seen in ages.

Al-Asyoty wakes up everyday with no menu in mind, she literally just goes to the market and sees what calls her name. She uses food as a medium to express love and by doing so, she has created a Fasahet Somaya Family that has grown from a dozen humans to over 1,000 people.