Start booking a Sahel stay - or figure out ways to couch hop - because popular Sheikh Zayed-based restaurant and bar, Gigi’,s is packing up its saucy goodness and setting up shop in Sahel’s Ghazala Bay. 

With a whole lotta cocktails and soul food to graze on, Gigi’s has been a fixture of the local diner food scene since their establishment in 2014. Since then, mouths have been left watering at the sight of their sharply cut french fries, their loaded cheese pizzas, and their succulent char-grilled burgers, while its drinks menu has brought the parched from near and far.

Inspired by its beach setting (and maybe even its other branch in Athens), the branch is a spectacular spread of wicker-like wood, hanging shades and the wide selection of different seating options that the hybrid indoor-outdoor space offers.

Sahel sea dates will truly never be the same and you can thank Gigi’s for the traffic that’s about to cluster at the gates of Ghazala Bay and saturate Dabaa Road.