Like spilt honey, or in this case, sharbat, Konafa w Basbousa’s newest branch has had everyone glued to the it’s floors and plastered on its windowsill, unable to go on about their downtown brigades. The newest Konafa w Basbousa branch has garnered show stopping (or traffic stopping, depending on how you look at it) attention from regular downtowners at all times of the day. Every hour is konafa hour, correct?

Perhaps what is most captivating about the sweet shop is the fact that it transforms traditional, nostalgic dishes - that remind us of extravagant Ramadan gatherings - into delicious single-dish treats you can have on the go, for the quaint price of 10 EGP a piece. On your next Downtown Cairo adventure, make sure to stop by the sweet corner shop at the intersection of Talaat Harb and Abd-Elkhalik Tharwat for a midday treat!