Saturday May 18th, 2024
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MENA's 50 Best Restaurants Awards Land in Abu Dhabi

Here's everything you need to know about the MENA's Best Restaurant Awards taking place in Abu Dhabi right now!

Farida El Shafie

In a world where the culinary landscape is teeming with an abundance of dining establishments, it takes a certain level of distinction and fortitude to rise above the fray. Those that are able to create a distinct brand, and consistently deliver exceptional gastronomic experiences, are the ones that truly reign supreme in the competitive realm of the Food and Beverage industry.

Each year, a select cadre of regional restaurants (including the likes of Sachi, Kazoku, Izakaya and Zooba) are acknowledged for their exceptional culinary offerings. These establishments are honoured with the title of ‘Middle East and North Africa's 50 Best Restaurants,’ an accolade that stands testament to their unparalleled excellence in the culinary arts.

Chosen based on their imaginative approach to cuisine and their ability to consistently innovate, the restauranteurs acknowledged are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the kitchen. The title is not merely a prestige. It’s a recognition that then platforms these restaurants, enabling them to showcase their talents on a global stage. 

Aside from the restaurants, these awards also work towards acknowledging lifetime achievements and individuals who have re-imagined the way people experience food. The Foodics Icon Award, recently bestowed upon Lebanon-born chef Anissa Helou, serves to spotlight industry experts who have changed the narrative around traditional dishes. This is an exhaustive category that acknowledges those who have used their culinary expertise to archive heritage and breathe life into forgotten traditions. Labels such as the MENA’s Best Female Chef, awarded to Tala Bashmi in 2022, also serve as opportune moments that change the trajectory of these chefs' careers.

The awards ceremony includes expert talks, collaborations, and upscale dinners to acknowledge those who have shaped the food industry and pave the way for future innovation.


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