Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Pretty at the Pink Garden: This Zayed Spot Dyes Our Dishes Rose

Did anyone say ‘girl dinner’? This spot just screams girl date and gossip

Layla Raik

Ever since the ‘girl dinner’ took over our For You Pages in the summer, right about the time Greta Gerwig’s Barbie was released, we have been obsessed with dinners in pink. Whenever a new spot makes a vibrant pink beetroot pizza, we run towards it. Pink lattes have us in a chokehold. To cut it short, if it’s pink, we’re there and we’re hungry. 

So, when we heard of an all-Pink Garden, we could not help but throw on one of the many pink monochrome outfits we once curated for the Barbie screening, revive our pink hard gels, sprinkle pink glitter on our eyelids and run west to Zayed’s Arkan Plaza. In the soft rose embrace of the Pink Garden cafe and bar, beneath flower-adorned (pink) steel umbrellas, we indulged in Greek yoghurt fruit salad hybrids that sit shyly on pink plates. In the background, our lavender latte offered a slight change in hue, and a hefty stack of pink pancakes motivated us to speed through our protein for an extra-rosy sweet treat. 

Even after dark, the Pink Garden glows pink. At dinnertime, we gravitate most strongly towards the spot’s shrimp lemon pink pasta, which combines everything a girl needs at dinner: prawns, a bit of zest, and all the pink you can dream of.


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