At one point in time, sushi was considered to be something of an exotic dish. However, these days, the delicious food from Japan can be found almost anywhere in the world. This rice-based dish is not only easy to find, it also comes in several different varieties. In recent years, sushi chefs have gotten extremely creative with the types of sushi they serve – some might even say a little too creative. This is where chef Ozaki comes in.

In the age of celebrity chefs, Ahmed Osman pushes the creative boundaries with the help of Ahmed Hossam -- the mastermind behind the sushi bar. 


Sushi is a great example of a dish where Osman have showcased his talents, with some delicious, and truly innovative, styles of sushi that are truly unique. 

These eccentric takes on this Japanese dish are, without a question, brilliant; from burgers to sandwiches, pizza, and even doughnuts. Like seriously, we're totes obsessed! 

We don't know about you but, in all honesty, we're living for these very creative sushi creations and everyone should as well.


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