The Italians do not mess around when it comes to Neapolitan pizza. They've named it that for a serious reason - if it's not from the actual, real city of Naples, it's not Neapolitan. It’s a UNESCO Cultural Heritage. They're so serious about it they made a whole organisation to police anything that calls itself Neapolitan, namely the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). They affiliate themselves with outsiders rarely - so it's quite something when local Maadi eatery ‘What The Crust’ became the first and only pizzeria in all of Africa to become affiliated with them.

Among the first women-led pizza stores in the Arab world, What The Crust deserves any attention it can get, especially with their certified Neapolitan pizza. We here at SceneEats got to have a sit-down with founder and pizzaiola, Dareen Akkad, to talk about all the cheese, dough and sauce that goes behind her business.