The natural order of things goes something like this: people consume food to fuel their bodies with energy that is later exerted in physical activity. However, food hasn’t exactly been fuel since World War II. Nowadays, food is emotional support, diversion and comfort thanks mainly to the onset of the culinary revolution marked by the abundance of food that tastes great and makes you even greater in size. Add that to mankind’s predilection to sit on our asses and do nothing but watch Seinfeld reruns all day and you’ve got yourself one big fat bouncy problem!

Dareurbody, a service that lets you consult with dietitians and nutritionists online, has just dared us to walk the belly talk and watch our foodstep and we are losing badly. Everything you eat comes back to bite you in the ass and causes it to swell, but not if you walk them calories off! Using Google Maps, Dareurbody calculated how many kilometers you need to walk to blast that KFC Dinner Box you had for lunch. It’s 17.4 KM. That’s as long as the Alexandria Corniche. And get this, that Cinnabon you had with your coffee this morning is a 15 KM walk along Mehwar – assuming your coffee was black! Read it and weep! 

Photos courtesy of Dareurbody!