Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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The Only Crepe Spots Worth Trying in Cairo

There is always that one day when you feel like all you want from life is a well-wrapped crepe.

Staff Writer

Crepe has pretty much became an essential part of everyone's diet since, like, 2012 (the first end of the world). And ever since then, we have been bombarded by an overwhelming number of crepe places all over the country. So, we thought we'd sort out the best of the bunch by giving you the most delicious, well-rounded and delicious crepe places in Cairo. 


Kripiano really went the extra mile in making their crepes look a lot like something you would get from a gourmet restaurant. Because crepes honestly need to be treated a bit more like the royalty of 2020 street food that it has become.

Location: Shubra


If you are a comic geek, which you probably are because comic books are awesome and The Avengers is basically essential viewing in the 21st century, then you're going to want to be a regular at Crepeton. The picture above says it all. 

Location: Nasr City 

Crepe One

Crepe One is the first place we found that makes this huge fried liver crepe. But, it's less than a snack and more like a 3-course dinner, given how full it'll make you. 

Location: 6th Of October

Crepe New

If by any chance you lose yourself in the streets of Shubra, we recommend grabbing a bite to eat from one of Crepe New's signature crepes to make the trip worth it.

Location: Shubra 

The Crepe Company

Nothing compares to the first bite, the cheese pull and the chicken crunch of a Cordon Bleu crepe from the Crepe Company. 

Location: Nasr City

City Crepe

City Crepe has established itself these past few years that they know how to make consistent, reliable and yummy crepes. The best thing about them is that they're all over the capital, so you'll find them whether you want to or not. 

Location: Nasr City

Diva's Cafe

Set your standards a for the sweetest most bougie crepe in town, topped with fresh fruits and melting chocolate for those of us who have an eye for beauty. 

Location: Haram


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