To be honest, we were slightly wary about writing this in fear of triggering another Egyptian vs. Syrian Shawerma battle but today, we come in peace, and are here to shed some light on an amaze new Syrian spot in New Cairo, serving delicious grilled food and shawarma.

The spot’s signature dishes include their Shish Tawook, Kebab Halaby and Kebab Azmarly (both originating from Aleppo), not to mention the staple Grilled Chicken. If you’re looking for something quick, safe and always yummy, Aleppo Grill serve chicken, beef as well as mixed shawarma in addition to 100% beef burgers, and a bunch of different sandwiches.

Sweet tooths will also be glad to know that this spot serve the treasure amongst all desserts ever, ‘Konafa 3al fa7m,’ and we couldn’t be more pumped about it tbh.

To check out their menu and place your order head over to @aleppogrillz on Instagram or call them at +2 012 0000 1385.