Saturday April 13th, 2024
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7 Reasons Why Egyptian Shawerma Is Better Than Syrian Shawerma

Sorry, not sorry.

Staff Writer

The last couple of years have been big for Syrian cuisine, shawerma, to be specific. The dish itself has been synonymous with its Syrian version to the point that people have started to forget that Egyptian shawermas are, like, an actual thing. Not only am I really, really, really offended, but I've taken it upon myself to remind y'all that even though I love me some Syrian shawermas, the Egyptian ones will always be the best. 

We love us some tommeya but nothing beats a good tahini tbh. Absolutely nothing.

Having parsley and tomatoes inside your shawerma sandwich will always be better than having pickles instead. Sorry, not sorry. 

Egyptian shawerma buns are much easier and enjoyable to eat. Syrian shawerma wraps are often very, very hard to chew.

Egyptian shawerma doesn't need any help from anyone or anything to prove how bomb AF it is. Syrian shawerma tends to get stuffed by fries just to try to get on the same level as Egyptian shawerma. 

Again, only Syrian shawerma would dare add things like cheese or mushrooms to elevate their existence. Egyptian shawerma doesn't need such things. 

Shawerma should just stick to being shawerma, which is a sandwich, and not try to be something it's not: fattah. 

Syrian shawerma is literally everywhere you go when you travel abroad. Egyptian shawerma, however, is not. Let's make shawerma Egyptian again, please.


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