Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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'Aly Samaha Tastes' Is the Food Nerd We Didn't Know We Needed

This food nerd wants us to make more informed food decisions and we’re eternally grateful.

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Aly Samaha is bringing his high-energy, sophisticated commentary to the Egyptian food scene with his food show, ‘Aly Samaha Tastes’. What’s unique about his show is that he doesn’t just review the food—he actually takes you behind the scenes, so you can watch how the food is actually prepared. He delivers high-quality, well-informed reviews that really capture the essence of the food and the place. 

People are really eating up these videos, according to the man himself, “About a year and a half ago, I made the first episode at ‘What The Crust’ , which was very well received. The video got 20,000 organic views and the owners, Helmy & Dareen, told me they got so many customers that told them, “we’re here because of Aly Samaha’s video”. The influence, honey. 

This one-man show takes you all around Egypt, exploring the uncharted terrains of Egypt’s culinary landscape. From Cairo to Dahab, Samaha is showcasing the rich tapestry of food available in Egypt. Not only that, he also does explanatory, in-depth videos. He’s the food nerd we didn’t know we needed and we literally can’t stop watching his videos.

Samaha shared the motivation behind his videos—he wants Egyptians to be more informed on the specifics of food, in order to make more educated food choices. Let us just tell you, he has A LOT to say. For example, he expressed his frustration with pizza in Egypt, “Some people are not aware of the difference between pizza dough that has fermented and dough that has not, it makes a huge difference. I believe all restaurants that serve the “fancy style pizza” should let their dough ferment”. 

With no professional training, Aly Samaha’s passion for food is purely genetic. He reminisces on his food-filled childhood, “My late father used to have big 3ezoomas where he’d cook for more than 20 people; stuffed turkey, seafood, liver and many other dishes. And I simply used to watch. His late brother, my uncle, also had a very successful pastry shop, and my family in general just really cares about what they eat.”


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