Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Binge: Cairo's Newest Gastropub Serving Comfort Food but Make It Chic

The newest kid on the block wants you to do nothing but endlessly indulge in comfort food (hence the name, duuh) with a hint of sophistication.

Scene Eats

In a time where many of our fav restaurants are either closing down or struggling to exist because of a certain pandemic who will not be named, it’s quite invigorating to hear about new ones opening up -- especially ones that are siblings with culinary household names Mezcal, Gigi’s Burger Bar and Izakaya. Yup, you read that right.

Enter Binge, the newest kid on the Cairo block that wants you to do nothing but endlessly indulge in comfort food (hence the name, duuh) with a hint of sophistication. 

“Binge is a gastropub concept that we’ve been working on over the past two years. We wanted to create a space where our guests can enjoy simple and familiar dishes but with elevated flavors; we take the guilty out of guilty pleasure and give the right taste to the wrong food. We simply reimagine timeless comfort food with a fresh, sophisticated spin,” The Sanctum Hospitality Team tells SceneEats.

Nestled away inside New Cairo’s dazzling Garden 8, the capital’s newest gastronomical baby boasts a menu that will instantly play a Coldplay song in your heart because it’s that wholesome. From tempura prawn tacos to pulled brisket quesadillas, chicken schnitzels, chimichurri ribeyes, poke bowls, mushroom & halloumi burgers, crazy (like, actually crazy) milkshakes (that are ginormous) and it goes on and on...and on. Oh, and they also make a mean sangria along with a slew of Instagrammable cocktails that will make any day better. In other words, Binge all of your comfort food/drinks dreams personified.

The gastropub has only just opened its doors to the public today and we’re already obsessed and cannot wait to, quite literally, binge on everything. Reserve your spot by calling them up on +2 0122 220 5340. 


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