Listen up, y’all, because this is it, the burgers we’re about to talk about are delicious. Enter BunBud, the new brand putting their own unique twist on these burgers. Let's just say they solved your biggest problem when it comes to eating burgers. Basically, they stuff their buns with all dem burger necessities, saving you the heartache of having it fall apart mid-bite. 

Keeping in line with the quality over quantity mentality, they offer four different burgers, all with the spicy option available. From their classic burgers to mushroom or even peanut burgers, you'll definitely find something to nibble on. As any respectable burger joint, they offer the mandatory cheesy fries appetiser, as well as their cheesy bun consisting of their special mix of cheeses stuffed in their signature creation. As for desserts, they have cookies that look too good to eat. But, the star of it all is the carnival dessert that is funnel cake that comes with five topping options to hit that sweet spot. 

Located in Qubix Hub, Al Sheikh Zayed, BunBud is serving up all your fav bun-related dishes, all you have to do is show up and enjoy.