Egyptian food is the bomb. It is the only thing that will always have your back in whatever situation you find yourself in. Feeling happy and want to celebrate? Have an aklet samak. Going through a rough patch? Mahshi, in all its shapes and forms, will take care of you. Angry and want to punch a wall? Fattah will provide itself as an emotional eating bag. Egyptian food is just great, and CNN knows exactly that, which is why we were happy when we stumbled upon their '15 delicious dishes and drinks you shouldn't miss from Egypt.'

Shakshouka, fattah, kebda, koshary and mahshi were among the dishes that were chosen by them. What caught our eyes, however, is when they mentioned that the molokheya from Downtown Cairo's iconic Fasahet Somaya is a must-try. Located on Hoda Shaawary street, it is considered the first restaurant to offer home-style food in the heart of Cairo. The eatery is completely run by none other than chef Somaya Al-Asyoty, a strong, independent, Egyptian woman who has mastered the arts of homemade food.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to get us some yummy molokheya to keep us warm and full in this weather. Click here to see the full list of Egyptian foods CNN deemed absolutely delish.