Burger Joe gets us more than our therapist ever did. There is no problem that can not be solved by adding more cheese to it. Burger too plain? Add some cheese. One cheeseburger not enough? Add an appetizer made of cheese and feed it some more cheese. You're broke and don't have a life? It's fine. JUST ADD SOME CHEESE!

Their menu includes some rather ridiculous stacked hamburgers like the Circle Joe consisting of a variety of heavy fillings that wrap around an abundance of fried mozzarella and jalapeno cheese and In and Out -  a chicken burger that is stuffed with cheese as if the chicken was the cheese and the cheese was the main part of the sandwich.

If that wasn't enough they have appetizers which are essentially just big bowl of cheese with different flavors inside like chicken or chili. The restaurant operates 24/7, which means you can get your burger and cheese games on at any time you'd like. Make sure to use their delivery service instead, however, and not opt for dine-in because Tante MacaRONA!