When navigating the uncharted field that is Ramadan ozoomah gifting, one often goes down strange rabbit holes down which horrible things happen to our beloved desserts (is the Metdashmelah okay?) that are often unfruitful. In the world of desserts, it’s best to tread the fine line between try-hard and boring, a line that Le Choux struts with style thanks to their seasonal choux menu.

Serving a fresher taste to the virtuous month, Le Choux introduced four new flavours that’ll wow the kaftans off your besties at any Ramadan gathering: fig walnut, dried apricot plum, qeshta dates, and cream purée dates. Combining light, digestible flavour with the crumbly texture of choux and a decorative chocolate crescent that greets you at first bite, Le Choux’s choux are the perfect post-iftar-tea accompanying treat.