Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Momochi Makes Sobia Boba With a Side of Basbousa & Qeshta Mochi

It’s as weird as it sounds but x10 more delicious.

Layla Raik

Ramadan drinks, the classic Sobia and Karkadeh, are without a doubt tons of fun just the way they are. But like any one of us, the occasional pearl glam is ever an elevator of mood and taste – and that’s exactly what Momochi is doing with their all-exclusive Ramadan menu. Giving you something to munch on while enjoying your favourite festivity drinkities, the famed boba spot spins a Taiwanese edge on the classical Egyptian treats.

Momochi took it upon themselves to travel forward through the Ramadan dessert space-time continuum, dodging Metzahla’ahs left and right, to introduce various Ramadanified mochi concoctions. From Basbousa Qeshta to Konafa Mango and all the way to the classic pistachio, the Asian-Egyptian dessert combos are not to be missed.


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