What the beautiful island of Zamalek lacks in parking spots, it more than makes up for in its diverse food options (coming in at a close second in Cairo’s best foodie neighbourhoods Maadi, fight us). Well, adding to its delicious portfolio, Zam’s latest restaurant addition is famed create-your-own pasta spot ‘Pasta2Go’, which has just landed in Sayed El Bakry street. 

Just in case you didn’t know, at ‘Pasta2Go’ you select a base pasta: including spaghetti, penne and spiral, choose a sauce (we recommend their pesto basil or pink sauce), pick whichever proteins that tickle your pasta-loving fancy, and you can also add vegetables to fool yourself into believing that you’re being healthy by upholding the phrase “balance is key” and then slurp and nom nom nom. They also serve pizza and fries.

You can find Pasta2Go’s newest branch at 8 Sayed El Bakry Street, Zamalek.